Adaptive Map Projections

A replacement for the web Mercator projection

I invented adaptive composite map projections, which are an alternative to the web Mercator projection used by Google Maps and all other major web maps. They show large landmasses without area distortion, and users can rotate the map similar to a globe.
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Selecting Map Projections

Projection Wizard for choosing the best projection

The interactive Projection Wizard helps cartographers select a map projection that is optimized for the geographical area and the map format. Programming by Bojan Šavrič. We also investigated user preferences and guidelines for selecting projections for world maps.
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Flex Projector

Designing custom map projections

Flex Projector is a software application for designing new map projections for world maps. New projections can be generated from scratch, or existing ones can be changed, or two source projections can be mixed to create a new one.
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New Map Projections

Better projections for world maps

The Natural Earth I and II are new projections with rounded corners where the pole lines and bounding meridians meet. The Patterson Cylindrical projection was developed in a similar way, and all projections are now included in ArcGIS.
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Natural Earth I

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Patterson cylindrical

In 1989, Herbert Hufnagel introduced a generalization of the Mollweide projection, resulting in a family of pseudocylindrical equal-area projections. The Mollweide, Eckert Ⅳ and Wagner Ⅳ projections are members of this family. Explore Hufnagel’s projection with this interactive tool at
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